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While working on clients' financial freedom, Financial Planners tend to lose some of their own. Take a look at the infographic below to see how we can help you get back to what you do best, creating life changing financial plans.



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Please take some time to read the testimonies below from Planners who joined our firm and how it lead them to greater success.

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Charlie Capasso CFP®

Joining Lake Tahoe Wealth Management has allowed me to focus on my clients and build stronger relationships. The investment philosophy lined up with mine, and having a CFA on staff was something important to me.  Administrative work being cut out of the picture has allowed me to focus on prospecting and connecting with other professionals in my community. 

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Debbie Grose CFP® 

When buying a practice from retiring Planner I considered my options, hiring a lot of new people, or joining another firm. At the end of my analysis, joining another firm was a clear choice. Based on compliance support, the depth of experience for portfolio management, and being in a group of like minded Financial Planners, Lake Tahoe Wealth Management was not only the clear choice, but the right one.